What Beaches Have Clear Blue Water

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Come on in—the water’s fine!

Everyone loves a fabulous seaside getaway, especially if it’s an affordable beach vacation. And if you’re looking for the best beaches, you probably have a few things in mind, like picture-perfect surroundings, sunshine, and a major dose of vitamin sea. But you know what puts a damper on a trip to the shore faster than just about anything else? Freezing-cold water. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic spots that have pleasantly swimmable tides all year round, so you’ll want to bookmark this list when planning your next trip.

From family-friendly vacation destinations like Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica to romantic escapes like Pemba Island, paradise awaits at these beaches with the warmest water in the world. All that’s left to do is pack a bathing suit and some sunscreen—no doubt your beach house rental, luxury hotel, or all-inclusive resort will provide the rest!

One important note: Before you book, make sure to double-check that everything you’d like to visit will be open once you arrive. Some attractions and events may still be closed or restricted due to the pandemic. Also check the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website for safety guidelines, restrictions, or other considerations while traveling, as well as specific requirements for individual hotels.

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