The Local 303: Colorado Artists We’re Featuring For October 2021

Hometown: Denver

Formed: 2012 was my first show at Leon Gallery

Latest Release: "Penelope" (Single) with accompanying track "Play Along"

Pronouns: They/them

About: Whether playing solo, accompanied by an acoustic ensemble, or floating amongst ethereal synths and electronic beats, homegrown Colorado artist Nat Tate brings us the sound of warm spaciousness and gentle vulnerability. The command of subtlety and unguarded emotion in Nat's voice has a way of bringing us back to forgotten places inside ourselves. Nat's well-loved, long-time presence in the Denver music community earned them Denver Westword's voter-awarded title of Best Singer-Songwriter in 2016 and 2017. 

Musicians That Inspire: For this latest release, I was super inspired by Belle and Sebastian.


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Hometown: Denver/Pueblo

Formed: 1988

Latest Release: The PBS tapes.

About:  I’m a visual artist, singer, songwriter. playwright, producer, occultist, magician and fortune teller. I’m not a very quick study.  I suppose I am on the winding path.  I’m originally from the least populated part of Wyoming but eventually ended up in Boulder in my early 20’s where I started my career within the arts.  My birthday is in July and so I’m kind of a sunny guy.  I have a cute cat named Daisy and I love to sing her songs.  I’ve been doing the art career thing for a while but for the last couple of years I’ve made my living developing and selling esoteric tools and art and playing music.

Musicians That Inspire: I have to say Colorado is absolutely full of surprises. I just got back from Dear Summer Fest in Manitou Springs.  There is something wonderful brewing down south.  Some of the most passionate and inspired musicians I’ve seen in all my life.  Zhé has a soulfuI , playful and deeply moving voice.  Her whole presence, and I mean presence, reminds me of the earthshaking performances of Janis Joplin.  She sings at Icon in Colorado Springs every Wednesday-Saturday so she’s got more chops than the best of them.  Jevy aka Jevion Ice, has landed on this planet for the goodness of all mankind.  Chocuba, will stir up something real in you.  I love playing music with Lio Bumbakini  when we aren’t painting in his garage. I recently also discovered an incredible musician Lady Moon through Instagram.   If sirens could charm the winds then Lady Moon could calm a storm.  It turns out she’s out in Loveland! How cool is that?  Good job, Colorado.

Do you feel like lockdown has shaped you as a musician/band? If so, how? Everything has changed and it’s still shaping my music.  Lockdown made me reassess how I shared (or was not sharing) aspects of my work.  I had kept the spiritual aspect of my work and life very protective until lockdown hit.   I think sometimes depth can only be reached through openness and sharing.  Lockdown personally felt like a creative pressure cooker that made me want to share myself with the world again.  This whole time is a gateway to shed the past and move in to a more genuine existence.  During lockdown I began putting in to place a cohesive long term plan in regards to where my music and my art is heading and it is guided by a strong feeling of creating and fostering that depth. It made me realize that I am here and I must be free in this world.

What's next? Here's a preview of my different art . . .

Music- Life feels like a catapult sometimes.  I’ve been doing a lot lately and the large majority of my projects are coming to a head at the same time right now which is super exciting!  I’m releasing lots of new music on my own label, Tantrum Records, throughout the fall.   I’m releasing a humble EP called the PBS tapes. From 2017-2019 my friends and I were making a lot of music and really experimenting with pop sounds mixed with hip hop and techno and everything under the sun. These songs make up the EP.  KokoLa aka 🔱KORRYNE🔱EA$$IDELUPITA🔱 (of the R A R E B Y R D $) says that PBS stands for Pure But Savage and I think that’s a wonderful way to sum it up. You know I really love everything about scrapping something together with what is around you and being so genuine that it’s sort of radical. The PBS tapes are inspired by the ethos of public television and radio, because as you know, NEEFF and Friends, are for the people.

 I’ve been secretly working a lovely record of guitar melodies and fun rhythms that will be very soulful and a lovely live experience.  A sort of 180 from the PBS tapes. Right now it looks a lot like singing songs quietly in my room and sending songs over emails.  I love playing guitar inspired by everything Brazil and I feel like I am coming in to my own as a dynamic person in a strange time.  The name is TBD, but I’ll be rolling a lot of songs out as I make them.

Visual Art- I’ve been wrapping up a year and half long project of developing my own divinatory system called the Mercury Oracle.  I am a proficient illustrator and I love to research and It is a culmination of the many cosmologies that I have found to be coherent in their truthmaking: astrology, permaculture, paganism, chaos magick, the Gurdjieff work and oddly enough some CIA documents. I based the aesthetic off of vintage learning aids because I think art can act as a direct transfer of meaning and the deck is meant to act as a teacher as well.   I’ve conceived and illustrated 88 cards that work on a metaphoric level but are also tied to various methods and meditations for taking a more Oblique approach towards life’s challenges.  Reading, testing and creating the deck has become a humbling and harrowing endeavor and has afforded me a lot of travel and open doors.  I hope that it will become the new standard in cartomantic wayfinding and oracle reading.  I will be raising money to mass produce the Mercury Oracle on kickstarter before the holidays.


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Patrick Dethlefs

Photo: Brooke Svitak

Hometown: Kittredge, CO

Formed: Est 1990 haha, I guess 2010?

Latest Release: If You Listen, Self-Release, Oct. 1 2021

Pronouns: He/him

About: "Patrick Dethlefs (pron. DET-Lefs) songwriting crests like a humble Townes Van Zandt, innocent of his own haunting melodies and lyricism. Dethlefs music offers folk Americana with effortless sincerity at a time when many acts strive purposefully to revive the stripped-down feel of a musical history long past.Dethlefs finds poetry in the memories and that slight pain in the laugh lines." -Daytrotter

Musicians That Inspire: My friends/local musicians, Paul DeHaven, Heavy Diamond Ring, Jess Parsons, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Centennial, Joe Sampson, etc.

Do you feel like lockdown has shaped you as a musician/band? If so, how? We started recording this new record before lockdown and ended up having to take about 4 months off in the middle before getting back to work and finishing it. I ended up writing quite a few songs in that time, so it's really hard to imagine those songs existing without the pandemic taking place. I really tried to steer away from the mentality of "I need to come away from this pandemic with something to show" and focus on just getting through. To my surprise songs came and music acted as it always has for me, a sort of balm/shelter/retreat to help me through hard times.

What's next? Fingers crossed, hopefully playing more shows and playing these new songs live.


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The Velveteers

Photo: Ivey Peacock

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Formed:  2014

Latest Release: Nightmare Daydream, Easy Eye Sound, Oct. 8, 2021

Pronouns: Demi: She/her; Baby: They/them; Jonny: He/him

About: The Velveteers, a primal rock trio from the mountains of Boulder, CO made up of singer/guitarist Demi Demitro and drummers Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig, will unveil their debut album Nightmare Daydream on October 8 via Easy Eye Sound. Produced by Grammy Award-winning artist Dan Auerbach, the record is the long-awaited first statement from a band that formed in 2014 and has been carefully honing its sound and identity ever since. “Charmer And The Snake,” the record’s first single, is out now with an accompanying video.

Growing up in Boulder, Demitro rebelled through her guitar, practicing up to nine hours a day and neglecting schoolwork to develop a playing style that is heavy but agile, theatrical but nuanced, grounded in rock history but wholly idiosyncratic. With Pottersmith and Fig playing on a conjoined set, the band developed a reputation for their rip-roaring performances. Clips of the band’s live shows and DIY videos made it back to Auerbach, who invited them to his studio in Nashville to produce Nightmare Daydream.

“I instantly dug them,” says Auerbach. “They’re amazing live, and their videos are so creative. And they just sound so powerful. Any time you doubletrack drums on a record, it’s going to sound so heavy. Then you put that together with this baritone guitar player who is so unique, and it’s so bombastic. There’s nothing like them.”

Nightmare Daydream finds The Velveteers stripping down rock and roll to its most primal elements—the riff, the rhythm, the snarl—and rebuilding it in their own image. “We don’t want to sound like a band from a different time,” says Demitro. “We want to sound like a band that’s right here right now—in this very moment.”

Musicians That Inspire: PJ Harvey, Brockhampton, Richard Swift, Rose Hill Drive, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, The Kills

Do you feel like lockdown has shaped you as a musician/band? If so, how? Being unable to play shows during all of last year, it freed us up to purely focus on new music and figuring out exactly what we wanted our album to sound like without having to be distracted by a show coming up. We wrote and made multiple demos everyday and then we went to Nashville and recorded our album. During that time away from the public, we grew into the band we've always wanted to be.

What's next? Our debut album Nightmare Daydream is coming out October 8th and we are about to head out this weekend to finally start playing shows and touring again, so we are beyond excited about that. We are also excited to start writing new music and continue making music videos for the rest of the songs on our album. We are hoping everybody can stay safe and healthy and that shows can continue to happen if we all get vaccinated and use masks.


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