BrewDog parody comes under fire as brand promises to do better

As BrewDog’s founder promises a review into its work culture, a parody campaign from an advertising agency has been slammed for making light of those who spoke up on their mental health struggles.

BrewDog CEO apologises and vows reform after accusations of 'culture of fear'

James Watt said he was sorry for 'neglecting many important people elements' of the business, and apologised to all of the signatories of an open letter made public by staff.

Brewdog boss sorry for staff 'pain' as pledges review

Mr Watt said it would also conduct an anonymous staff survey to "paint a comprehensive picture of the Brewdog culture at every level". Writing on LinkedIn the company co-founder apologised to staff ...

BrewDog boss James Watt orders independent review and takes '100%' blame for 'toxic culture'

One former worker tells Sky News that working at the craft beer specialist could go from being "really enjoyable" to "horrific".

How damaging will the BrewDog staff’s ‘culture of fear’ letter prove to be?

BrewDog's bosses have issued a public apology and hired a culture consultant, but the furore and resulting concerns could affect its IPO plan ...

Bullying beer firm BrewDog’s ‘punk’ schtick has gone flat. It’s just a grubby profit chaser like all the rest

The successful ‘non-corporate’ craft beer firm has won plaudits for its tasty ales and clever marketing. But its ‘culture of fear’ left a nasty taste with ex-employees, who have gone public with some ...

Brewdog boss sorry for ‘lot of pain’ caused to staff and pledges review

Brewdog boss James Watt has said sorry and promised an independent review of the beer firm after fierce criticism from former staff.

Backlash as BrewDog HR team responds to toxic work claims

BrewDog's people team has responded to Punks with Purpose's campaign alleging negative experiences of former employees, but the response has exacerbated the issues. On 9 June the Punks with Purpose ...

Has BrewDog’s ‘toxic culture’ pierced the craft-beer balloon?

Since bursting onto a stagnant UK beer scene in 2007, the Scottish brewery has built an evangelical following – until now ...

Brewdog to launch review in wake of ‘toxic’ culture claims

The craft beer giant will also conduct an anonymous staff survey to ‘paint a comprehensive picture of the Brewdog culture at every level’.